Clouds and Flying Dreams

‘Clouds and Flying Dreams’ an exhibition of paintings by artist Murray Kirkland opened at Rarified Framing Gallery on 15 August 2008.

The exhibition featured sublime images of clouds, juxtaposed against whimsical paintings of aerial views of the Australian landscape.

In Murray’s words :
‘I originally started painting clouds as a release from working on the war-related work that I have been doing since 1994.

Often people ask how I manage to make them look so peaceful. I guess if they know the other artwork I do, they would understand.

I enjoy the challenge of representing the subtle tones and play of light in clouds, so now rather than a counter to the war-related work, clouds have become something I seek out.

I recently read in a food column in the Sydney Morning Herald, “When was the last time you lay on the grass and watched the clouds?” The author went on to say that the reader probably can’t remember, but I do and I do it as often as possible.
It’s not just painting clouds that works as therapy, you have to take the time to look at them – it’s bit like smelling roses, you should always take the time.

I guess the aim of this exhibition was to show others how I perceive things. I have been having flying dreams all my life, a beautiful and exhilarating experience.

Personally I want to encourage people to look up more often, to take the time to look at clouds, to smell the roses, to slow down. The exhibition was shown at the Rarified Framing Gallery in August 2008.