A Desert Rhapsody

This exhibition was a series of plastic camera photographs of the Pinnacles Desert and surrounding areas about 180kms north of Perth.
The frames are constructed from found objects and materials collected while on the road.
A clockwork assemblage, reminiscent of an astrolabe, further emphasises the surreal nature of this landscape.
The camera used to make these images is a Banner plastic camera. It is a toy camera, moulded in the form of a 35mm SLR camera. It uses 110 film, similar to that used in Box Brownies and other medium format film cameras. Gaffer tape has to be wound around the body of the camera to prevent light leaks, although these are difficult to prevent as is evidenced by the red hue in some of the images.
The lens is plastic and offers only a small area of reasonably sharp focus; I feel this adds to the dreamlike quality of the images.
This was my first solo exhibition, it was held at Photo Access in Canberra in 1993.