Artists’ Books

100% Books by Canberra Artists

Curated by Ampersand Duck at the Watson Arts Centre, Watson ACT.

Canberra has a long tradition of artistic book production, encouraged and inspired by our rich array of cultural and creative institutions. There is a vibrant community of artists who use the book to explore and extend their broader practice, where it is printmaking, sculpture or any other medium. This exhibition, featuring a range of work from fine press to street press, is both a snapshot and survey of a selection of current practitioners. The exhibition featured over forty works covering a broad range of subjects, all essentially by their nature exploring the idea of what a book is.

I contributed two works to this exhibition; A book of clouds and Two Pages. A book of clouds is a simple concertina book of pencil drawings with text handwritten on tissue paper inserts. A book of clouds measures 92mm x 77mm. Two pages is a collaboration between Petr Herel and myself. The clockwork motor at the centre drives circling arm which leaves a track or trail in the two pages of red dust from Western NSW, the motor works continuously for 30 days. Each page of Two pages is 350mm x 900mm with a gap between the pages of 50mm.